Chad Colpitts

Not too much to tell in regards to comic experience. I’m a Canadian based writer. The Streaker is my first comic (insert virginity joke here), but no where near my last. My ability to draw is non-existent, my circles are ovals, and my ovals are circles. I know I sound square, but my squares are rectangle. That’s why I’m the writer. I’ve had the idea for The Streaker for a long time, but the few attempts I made didn’t quite pan out.

However, the planets have now aligned and I have finally gotten off my ass. Which has allowed me to finally show people The Streakers ass, and you will see a lot of that. Besides that my hands are usually dry, I can’t whistle, and I just recently figured out the full extent of the Shift key. So now you know a little about me, and soon you’ll get to know a whole lot about the ridiculous radioactive rescuer that is The Streaker!

Matt Garbutt

The talented artist behind The Streaker. He’s an artist (duh) and animator based out of the UK, and is also putting out his own comic series called OH Sh**t Zombies.
He rocks a fantastic cartoon style that is a treat for the eyes, and he is an expert in the art of butt drawing. You can check out his art on Instagram and/or support him on Patreon.

Cam Hayden

Cam Hayden wore a hat, had a job & brought home the bacon so that no one knew he drew the following titles: B-Movie Garbage, Futility, Shitty Stories, Red Flag, CCF Comics & Death Metal Duck, among other things.You can find him here: Facebook
or on Twitter: @lancegoiter